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In San Francisco, call them hipster crop circles, or Twister for Giants, but white rings have suddenly appeared on the grass at parks ranging from Mission Dolores to Washington Square Park – all space six feet apart. If you are running behind, please give me a call. If I’m running behind, then I promise to give you a call at least 45 minutes before your appointment. I’m a loctician so I run my hands through tons of loc including my own years ago. I’ve been using the same technique for years before it was popular. The technique consists of braiding and wrapping the hair. The 360 lace frontal hairpiece is also designed to significantly cut down installation time and serves as a closure for sewn-in hair styles, red hair extensions or it can be worn alone. The client must show up at the time shown on their styleseat confirmation email. If an appointment is cancelled without a 48 hour cancellation notice, the client forfeits their deposit.