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6. Over-brushing – Think 100 strokes a day will make your hair shiny and full? Clips in hair extension are a modern day trend that is quick and easy to use and can match just about any texture of hair giving a black woman the creative edge when it comes to her hair. If you add blow drying and styling on top of bleaching, you can really damage your ‘do, causing hair breakage, a dull look, and split ends. Like bleaching, it weakens your hair, leaving it dull and damaged over time so that instead of luxurious curly locks or shiny straight tresses, your hair looks brittle and dry. From highlights to lowlights, blue wig chemical perms to chemical straightening, blow drying, braiding, and bleaching, how we treat our hair has a direct impact on how healthy — or unhealthy — it looks. 3. Highlights and coloring – Highlights and semi-permanent dyes aren’t as damaging as bleach, but they aren’t without consequences, Mirmirani says. Once you bleach, she explains, you’ve altered the strength of your hair, making it weaker. Although a significant amount of research has gone into making shampoos beneficial for your hair, you can still get too much of a good thing.

But over-washing can wash away your hair’s natural moisture that helps your hair look healthy, making your hair dry. For example, you can purchase a wig with straight, wavy or curly hair types. The burden of every strand tugs and pulls and can ruin your hair within the long-term. Pool chemicals can be hard on your hair. 1. Bleaching – “Bleaching your hair penetrates the cuticle with chemicals and removes your natural pigment,” Mirmirani says. deep wave wig Every hair has three layers — the inner fibers make up the medulla; the cortex surrounds the medulla; and the cuticle is the outer layer that protects the inner, more sensitive components from damage, Mirmirani says. 4. Flat iron and blow-drying – “Heat causes temporary changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together,” Mirmirani says, and that can make hair look dull. It’s not advised to take the micro link hair extensions out on your own, as it can be painful and you will most likely pull out your own hair. And although the amount and intensity of styling a person’s hair can take depends on genetics, the texture of your hair, and its coarseness, less is always more when it comes to hair health.

Wigs can conceal natural hair issues. While it’s true that you can install these hair extensions yourself, you need to do so carefully so that the clips aren’t visible and you’re giving off a very natural and flowy look! 5. Ponytails and braids – “Ponytails and braids can cause hair to break, especially if your style is pulled tightly,” Mirmirani says. Braiding or putting your hair in a ponytail when it’s wet can cause damage sooner because wet hair is more fragile. Each hair grows about 1/4 inch every month out of a follicle on your head, and it can keep growing for up to six years. The same goes for the thickness of your hair: Thick hair grows out of large follicles; smaller, narrower follicles produce thinner hair. Worse, for men and women alike, a person goes bald if the hair follicles that produce a new hair shrink in size or become inactive. This is one tip that few women know about.

All women want silky, cuticle-free and smooth hair extensions but if improper handling is reality, extensions become tangled and frizzy. So as we perm and color our way to the hair we want, when we want it, are we actually doing more harm than good to our locks? They can also change the inner structure of the hair, causing a lackluster look and dryness, especially if you frequently color to hide roots or gray hair. Over time, the temporary changes can lead to more permanent damage if you tend to blow dry or iron on a daily basis. Over time, they can leave hair broken and brittle. At the same time, you want to use rubber hands, bobby pins and other accessories just as they are absolutely needed. Even though you have free reign as to what heated appliance you use on your locks, you must still protect your hair. If you are also looking forward to getting this extension so you must be conducting online research by typing hair weaves and wefts in your search box. I was worried about noticeable gaps in my hair and I was getting impatient and wanted them gone so I could dye my roots.

Teased roots and a voluminous braid in this updo create a win-win combo for thin hair. The difference is the damage is at the roots where it is harder to cut out. Hair experts explain the anatomy of the tresses on our head, offer insight into the damage too much styling can cause, and give advice on how to keep your locks looking luxurious. Severe damage is always going to be present with natural hair so you need to use those glues that are really secure and safe for scalp use. The kind of hair you use for the fusion method will determine the quality of the hair you eventually have. One of the best things about micro ring loop hair extensions is that they’re installed using the cold fusion method. You want things to look seamless and seamlessness IS the look you’re going for here. If you want to lengthen and volumize your hair without damaging it, you need the best hair extensions for fine hairs.

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